The Shock Absorber
The shock absorber was developed by American Orthotics for the patient with heel spur syndrome or plantar fasciitis. The medial longitudinal arch will always be more flexible than a comparable sports orthotic. The shock absorber is now available with extrinsic rearfoot posting. We have devised a way to extrinsically post the rearfoot of THE SHOCK ABSORBER and still provide the shock absorption at heel strike that has made this appliance so popular for heel spur syndrome and plantar fasciitis. When ordering please circle extrinsic posting.
CONTROL: Flexible
PATIENT SELECTION: Patients with heel spur syndrome or plantar fasciitis. Add a full length cover for distance runners.
MATERIAL: A polymer blend to insure proper foot function and lasting memory.
POSTING: Intrinsic and extrinsic posts are available rearfoot and forefoot.
GUARANTEE: The shell is guaranteed against breakage for life with normal wear.