Policies and Procedures
Upon your request, American Orthotics Laboratory will provide you with shipping boxes at no charge. For your convenience the boxes come with preprinted labels. When you use the Business Reply Label, we will bill your account for the postage incurred divided by the number of pairs of casts in each box. (ie: If you send two pairs of casts in one box and the shipping cost is $5.00, each pair of orthotics will be charged $2.50 handling.) By using the other label, you prepay the shipping U.P.S. and no additional charges will be billed to your account.
    Cast Storage:
Your positive casts will be stored for five months from the date your casts are received. By indicating on the order form, the positive casts can be returned to you for an additional charge of $12.00.
Orthotic guarantees are listed in the product description for each orthotic. Posting and other accommodations are guaranteed for six months. Broken orthotics must be returned for replacement.
American Orthotics will make all requested adjustments at no charge for six months from the completion date of the orthotics. After six months, adjustments will be billed on a per item basis.
The doctor shall receive one free pair of orthotics for personal use after receipt of two regular orders. The doctor's immediate family and office staff will receive a 25% discount. Please indicate relationship on the order form.
    Preferred Casting Technique:
Information on Neutral Position Casting is enclosed in this brochure. If your office uses semi-weight-bearing or full-weight-bearing casting, please indicate so on the order form.
American Orthotics Laboratory will open accounts for clients with the initial order. Invoices are sent with each order. Payment is to be made from this invoice. Net 30 days.
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